Chassis Mounted Dust Suppression Units

At Promax, we understand the pivotal role dust control plays in various industries, and we take pride in delivering safe, durable, and cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique needs.

These custom Dust Suppression Trucks designed and built by Promax come with an array of options, all built to your specifications to suit any civil, forestry or roading requirement.

The Promax Dust Suppression Unit Features:

  • 1,000L to 15,000L Capacities
  • Direct to chassis mounted
  • Petrol, diesel or hydraulic driven pumps
  • High flow washdown hose & reel
  • Galvanised pipework for durability
  • In-cab controls & functions to keep operations smooth
  • Front and rear spray bar

These are just a few of the options and features we offer with our Dust Suppression Units. Reach out to our dedicated team to explore the full range of features and discuss how our Chassis Mounted Dust Suppression Units can elevate your dust control strategy. Your success is our priority! 


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Chassis Mounted Dust Suppression Units