Meet the Team

Meet some of the friendly faces of Promax

"The company can only grow as fast as it can attract and retain new talent. Capital is relatively easy to come by. Good people…not so much." - Walter Strachan

These words from Managing Director Walter Strachan illustrate how much our people mean to us. Innovation, premium products, and custom solutions are the things Promax is renowned for, but we've built our reputation on our team's brainpower, commitment, and sheer hard work. Our future depends on the calibre of our employees as much it does on the quality of our products. Without good people, we would not be a great company.  

Promax brings together employees of different backgrounds, qualifications and skills, but they have a lot of things in common. A few of them are a real hunger for success, fearlessness when faced with challenges, and the ability to make things happen. These are the qualities we look for when recruiting new team members. Promax has built its culture upon these attributes, and it's something we're determined to preserve.  

Meet some of the people who make our company tick and, most importantly, keep you happy.  


Walter Strachan

Managing Director

Hamish Strachan

NI Factory Manager

Sales & Marketing

Gary Sleep

Civil & Industrial Sales

Jarvis Howard

Business Development

Murray Wright

Sales Executive

Bonnie Vujcich

Marketing Specialist

Chantelle Howard

Sales & Marketing Assistant


Shaun Piper

National Operations Manager

Nathan How

South Island Production Manager

Geoff Diggs

South Island Dispatch Co-Ordinator

Banon Hopman

Mechanical Design Engineer

Customer Service & Accounts

Yolande Strydom

Customer Service Manager

Jessica Peters

Customer Service