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TankGuard®️ by Promax

TankGuard®️, the innovative solution for enhanced stormwater detention system performance, ensuring controlled discharge, easy application, and blockage prevention.

Welcome to the future of stormwater management with TankGuard®️, the cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the performance of your stormwater detention system. With TankGuard®️, experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your system is safeguarded against blockages, ensuring a controlled discharge every time.

Why Choose TankGuard®️?

  • Innovative Technology: TankGuard®️ features a unique patented technology that not only prevents blockages but also guarantees the optimal performance of your stormwater detention system.
  • Problem-Solution Approach: Specifically addressing the challenges faced by councils with existing detention systems, TankGuard®️ offers a seamless solution that ensures controlled discharge and effortless application.
  • Proven Engineering: The reliability of TankGuard®️ is backed by an extensive period of engineering and testing, standing as a testament to the Promax promise of quality and dependability.
  • GD01 Compliance: With TankGuard®️, compliance is a given. It meets the GD01 requirements by protecting the orifice against blockages, offering homeowners a low-maintenance solution that they can trust.

TankGuard®️ Functionality

TankGuard®️ is engineered for efficiency. It ensures that your tanks remain operational and effective, even in the unlikely event of an orifice blockage. The patented system is designed to place the orifice in the path of overflow water, allowing any blockage to be cleared by the water itself, which dislodges the debris and washes it away.

This self-cleaning mechanism is specifically designed to function in a 1-in-6-month rain event, tailored to the unique weather patterns of Auckland.

Delivered pre-plumbed straight from our factory, TankGuard®️ arrives ready to install, providing you with the confidence that it is correctly set up to function as intended from day one.

Choose TankGuard®️ for a worry-free, efficient, and compliant stormwater detention system. It’s not just a product; it’s your partner in stormwater management.

Product Range

TankGuard®️ is available on the Promax ENDURO and ENDURO Super Duty Underground tank ranges.  TankGuard®️ is a factory-installed feature, ensuring precision and quality from the start, with no retrofitting option available. TankGuard® is an innovative solution that stands out in the market with its patented technology and registered trademark. This product is exclusively available through Promax.  


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