Promax Tank Cleaning Kit

Bundle and Save! Cleaner Water to Your Home 

Our Accessory Bundles are an easier, and cheaper way of purchasing the accessories you need to help you get the very best out of your water tank. We’ve bundled up a Promax Tank Vac and a Floating Outtake to help you get even more out of your Promax tank, including cleaner water from your tank to your home.  

The Promax Tank Vac is easy to install. Once you’ve done that, it goes to work, gently cleaning the bottom of your tank where material can settle. Every time your tank fills to the point of overflowing, the Tank Vac builds up a head of pressure and dumps out the overflow by sucking from the pipe across the floor of the tank and taking any debris that might have settled there.  The clean water that's just arrived in your tank remains, meaning a healthier water supply delivered to your home. 

The 25mm Floating Outtake is the perfect partner to the Tank Vac. The cleanest water in your tank is 100 – 150mm below the surface, no matter the water level.  The Floating Outtake attaches to your tank outlet and, you guessed it, draws water from below the surface. This ensures you always get the cleanest water going from your tank into your home.   


This kits includes:

  • Promax Tank Vac
  • Floating Outtake

$827.00 (incl. GST)

Code Description
ACRHCLEANKIT Promax Tank Cleaning Kit

Yes, this is possible with the 25 and 50mm corrugated tank fittings. Extra charges may apply. Find out more about Promax Corrugated Tank Fittings here.

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The Promax Tank Fitting kit contains all you need for fitting your Promax or Xpress Tank to your pump and water source.

Fitting kit contains:

  • 2 x Promax Pipe seals - 90mm
  • 1 x Reducing nipple 50mm - 25mm
  • 1 x Promax Plastic Ball Valve - 25mm
  • 2 x Promax Hose Couplings - 25mm
  • 1 x 2m Flexi suction delivery hose 25mm
  • 1 x Roll Thread Tape

We recommend you use a professional tank cleaning company to do this. A professional tank cleaning company is able to vacuum the base of your tank without emptying the water. Happy Tanks can clean your Tank if you are in the Auckland and Northland regions. We recommend a Google search to find a local cleaning company for your area. 

If you would like to clean the tank yourself, please see the links below for instructions on how best to do this.

Alternatively, you could consider installing a Tank Vac. These will remove build-up of sediment already present and help keep your tank clean all the time.

Yes, a Wallace Seal can be used to seal the pipe to the tank. It is important to note that a Wallace Seal, not a Uniseal, should be used as it has a deeper throat to seal inside the corrugation and is more malleable. We recommend installing the seal no more than 500mm down the side wall of the tank.