Internal Baffle Plates

Promax Internal Baffle Plates are used in refrigeration plants where hot and cold water needs to be separated within one tank. Internal baffle plates save money, improve efficiency, and are fully customisable depending on your requirements.  

  • Plates can be solid or perforated. 
  • Capacities range from 1000 litres to 30,000 litres  
  • Can be installed in conjunction with removable tank lids. 
  • Available on all insulated tanks. 
  • Custom solutions are available. 

Contact the Promax industrial team to discuss the financial and performance benefits of internal baffle plants.  


Code Description
COTTBPANL Internal Baffle Plates

Seismic restraints add another layer of safety by acting as a set of anchors for large industrial storage tanks. A series of restraints around the tank's base are bolted into a concrete pad to hold the tank in place and prevent movement during an earthquake or other events, including cyclones and floods. A poly tank set solid and immovable at the base, and with flexibility and durability throughout the rest of the structure, appeals as the safest and most robust option for liquid storage.  Click here to learn more about Seismic restraints.