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Winstone Aggregates

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When the dust is up, we’ll dampen it down.  

Who: Winstone Aggregates 

Where: Hunua Quarry, Auckland

Products: 6x 13000L Chassis Mounted Dust Suppression Units 

Why: Winstone Aggregates takes dust suppression very seriously. As a responsible company that must comply with the consents at all of their quarries, they know that dust control is a big part of their obligations. This is especially true at their Hunua quarry which has been in operation since 1956. Unfortunately, many of the company’s dust control trucks were of a similar vintage! The dust suppression units on the vehicles were becoming old and unreliable and ran the risk of breaking down during our long, dry summers. By failing to keep the dust down, Winstone Aggregates faced the genuine possibility of breaching their consents. So, their General Manager, Warren Rodgers, came to Promax for a solution he and his team could rely on. 

What: Promax worked closely with Warren and was able to assist Winstone Aggregate’s overcome the unique challenges they faced at the Hunua quarry. To do this, we supplied custom-built chassis-mounted dust suppression units which were manufactured to the company’s specifications. The units are easy to use, and with a high level of operator safety built into them. Some of the other features of our dust suppression units include: 

  • 1000 litre to 15000 litre capacities. 
  • Petrol, diesel or hydraulic driven pumps. 
  • High flow washdown hose & reel. 
  • Galvanised pipework for durability. 
  • In-cab controls and functions for seamless operation.  

Our dust suppression units have proven to be a safe, durable and cost-effective solution for Winstone Aggregates, and helped them comply with the stringent rules and regulations they must follow. If you need the dust to settle at your civil, roading or forestry site, take a leaf out of Winstone Aggregates’ book and ask Promax about dust suppression units that will be built to your specifications. 


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