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What Size Water Tank Do I Need?

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No One Has Ever Complained That Their Water Tank Is Too Big

Potential customers often ask us, “What size water storage tank do I need?” At first glance, it might look like one question with a range of complex answers. However, at Promax, we prefer to explain things in simple terms, so we will sum it up in one response: buy the biggest tank possible.  


In our experience, no one has ever complained that their water tank is too big. Extra capacity means more water, and we know our customers always find a way to use it. A prime example is in our increasingly drought-stricken regions, where people can access the rainwater they’ve collected in their storage tanks and keep their lawns and gardens alive through frequent watering. There is no such thing as too much water in dry areas, and therefore, no such thing as too much tank volume.    


That’s just one case where having access to an abundant water supply is better than the alternative; that is, managing a limited amount of water where you must restrict how much you can use. The latter happens when you buy a tank that is too small for your requirements. It just doesn’t capture as much of that beautiful rain. If that’s the case and you need more water, you will need to buy another tank.    


If you’re buying a Promax water tank and contemplating how big it should be, keep these three things in mind: 


1. Budget:

Money doesn’t grow on well-irrigated trees. We know your budget will probably determine your final choice. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy the smallest and cheapest tank. For example, the price differential between a Promax 25,000-litre tank and a 30,000-litre tank is minimal. It will be easier and more cost-effective to invest just a little more to give you the capacity you require rather than face the prospect of buying another tank down the track. Meanwhile, our XPRESS water tanks might not have all of the features of our ENDURO corrugated storage tanks, but they come in the same sizes. It’s a very affordable option when you decide to upsize your investment. 


2. Footprint:

You might not have acres of space for your new tank, particularly if you’re a residential customer. We all know that New Zealand home sections are getting smaller, especially where new builds are concerned. But Promax water tanks combine capacity with compact design, so you may be surprised how much volume you can have at your place.   


3. Council requirements:

If you live in a rural area, did you know your council may demand that you have 45,000 litres of water on hand for firefighting purposes? It’s just one example of how council requirements could be a huge factor when deciding on tank size. Therefore, you must always check with the local council before buying any water tank.      


Let us again state the obvious — the bigger the tank, the more water it will hold. As we’ve already said, you can never have too much water. So when the question turns to what size water tank you require, always go for the biggest option you can. Take it from us; you will have no complaints if you do.


Contact us for further information and advice to help you make the right decision. 


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