Tuesday, 3 May 2022 Case Studies

Taranaki Base Hospital

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When Strength Was Required, We Delivered 

Who: Taranaki Base Hospital (Project Maunga)

Where: New Plymouth

Products: 6 x 30,000 litre Industrial Tanks and custom welded connections.

Why: The hospital building required fresh water back-up and fire fighting water, supplied from tanks able to provide ongoing water supply in extraordinary situations. 

This called for a highly robust and flexible storage system that would comply with the site requirements, underlined by the fact that the building was rated at an Importance Level 4 (IL4) requirement. 

BRANZ’s Seismic Resilience online resource defines the Importance Level 4 requirement as: “buildings that must be operational immediately after an earthquake or other disastrous event, such as emergency shelters and hospital operating theatres, triage centres and other critical post-disaster infrastructure.” With this definition in mind, we delivered storage tanks that would continue to provide water when it was most needed.

What: Promax supplied 6 x 30 000 litre Industrial Tanks, and custom welded connections to the Taranaki Base Hospital (Project Maunga). After many months of consultation and design work, we recommended them based on their strength, flexibility and durability. These tanks are “heavier” than standard water tanks: they comply with the exacting standards they must meet, and they align with the IL4 compliance of their surroundings. 

These are tanks designed to keep on operating so the hospital can keep on operating. And yes, this was yet another Promax project delivered on time, on spec, and within budget.


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