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Increasing Safety On Site

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Increasing Safety On Site with Nelson Civil

Who: Nelson Civil Construction, Earthworks and Civil Contractor

Where: Nelson, New Zealand

Products: DSU10000 - Custom Dust Suppression Skid Unit with Water Cannon

Why: Darryl Gibbons owns Nelson Civil Construction, an Earthworks and Civil Contractor servicing the top of the South Island as a principal contractor on residential and industrial subdivisions, and as a subcontractor for roading work. Darryl and his team were unable to attain optimum moisture content in their cut to fill operations. They were using a traditional watercart with spray bar to add water to the fill area but the results were less than desired. At times there would be too much water, which made the compactor feet clog up with overwet material. At the same time, the company realised that having the watercart on the fill area was becoming a major hazard due to congestion and slippery ground conditions.Darryl and his crew started adding water at the cut source as they were loading out and found this achieved a much better result and was easier to control. They also realised that by not having the watercart crawling around on a congested fill site, a big safety risk was also removed. They thought more about this and worked out an innovative solution: a watercart with a remote-control cannon that could be operated from the excavator operator. An added benefit would be the freeing up of the watercart driver allowing him to be utilised in other areas on the site.

What: Darryl approached a number of local companies in the hope they could provide this off-the-shelf solution, but none could produce the customised watercart that Daryll was looking for. They couldn’t really comprehend what Darryl and his team were trying to achieve. That was until Daryll spoke to Joe at Promax. Promax was the only company that embraced the concept and put together a watercart with remote-control cannon that Nelson Civil Construction and others now classify as the “Ultimate Civil Construction watercart.” Other local contractors are all impressed with the unit, as are WorkSafe New Zealand and local rural fire and forestry companies who now call on Nelson Civil Construction as first responders for backup. For Darryl, the new watercart “ticks all the boxes” and is yet another example of how Promax can create a custom-made solution when others can’t come up with the answer.


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