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Keeping Control Over Dust

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Keeping Control Over Dust at Lyttelton Port

Who: Lyttelton Port Company

Products: Isuzu FVZ1400 6x4 - 13000L Dust Suppression Unit

Where: Lyttelton Port, Canterbury

Why: Lyttelton Port is the largest Port in the South Island of New Zealand. They are the gateway for the goods that keep our region moving, but with all this movement Ports can be high-risk environments. These risks can be managed with the right strategies and controls in place. One of the risks that requires close management on site is dust control. Ports in dry or windy areas, like Canterbury, are especially prone to dust problems and some processes like their timber yard can produce a lot of dust. The Lyttelton Port Company also understands the importance of environmental protection and works to ensure their valued environment is well cared for. Therefore, air quality is a vital consideration and effective dust management plans and procedures are crucial. So, when the Lyttelton Port Company needed an efficient dust control solution for their timber yard help was at hand with a custom Promax Dust Suppression Unit.   

What: Promax are renowned for creating tailored solutions and have experience in creating dust suppression solutions to suit the individual needs of a project. For the Lyttelton Port Company we provided a custom 13000L Dust Suppression Unit, with in cab controls for motor and spray gear, bulk fill and discharge ports, and fitted directly to an Isuzu FVZ1400 6x4 chassis. 

Perfectly suited to large scale projects, the Promax Dust Suppression Units are built tough to withstand a lifetime of hard work and boast a huge range of functions to make life easier. 

The Dust Suppression Unit for Lyttleton Port Company was assembled with all options they required such as: 

  • 13000L Baffled Tank 
  • 3 x 2” Rear batter spray nozzles. 
  • 2 x 1” Front spray nozzles 
  • Air actuators  
  • 3” bulk fill inlet/outlet – for bulk water transfer & hydrant filling. 
  • Water Level Sight Glass 
  • 10 metre flexible suction hose with brass foot valve & strainer. 
  • Galvanised steel pipework 
  • All spray nozzles on roll groove and camlock fittings for full adjustment 
  • LT400 Certification for mounting system 

With the help of Promax, the Lyttelton Port Company is keeping control over dust with maximum safety and minimal hassle. 

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