Wednesday, 5 January 2022 Case Studies

Hino Case Study

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Ready to suppress and impress: just add water. 

Who: Hino

Where: Auckland

Products:  Custom Dust Suppression Unit 

Why: One of Hino New Zealand’s key clients required a dust suppression unit with features not available on a standard system. Promax’s reputation as an innovator and industry leader in custom-built solutions meant we were the first (and only) company Hino contacted. They told us what was required, and we did the rest.  

What: Promax has always been at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying dust suppression units (also known as water carts). It’s fair to say that Promax was the driving force in developing the water cart business in New Zealand. This has allowed us to continually innovate our offerings, including water cannons, large bulk water accessways, and extendable spray arms. We drew on this experience in designing a unit for Hino that included: 

  • Self-prime diesel-powered water pump 
  • Suction system with ball valve and cam locked inlet (for filling from dams, rivers etc) with top fill 
  • Return inlet 
  • Rear batter (side) sprays  
  • Front spray bar 
  • All spray bars actuated by air in cab control 
  • Camlock pump outlet for bulk water transfer 
  • 30 metre fire hose reel 
  • Ladder for easy access onto pump area 
  • Tank sight glass to monitor water level  
  • Bulk top fill lid 
  • Safety beacon/front lights on headboard 
  • 10, 000 litre free-standing cartage tank, completely baffled for improved braking and reduced wear and tear on the vehicle. 
  • Painted steel frame with tank and pump/spray unit  
  • Steel mudguards 
  • LT400 Certification  

Promax incorporated many specialised features into a custom-built dust suppression unit for Hino. They delivered the truck chassis to our engineering workshop, and we designed the system according to the client’s unique requirements. It was the perfect example of how Promax can take the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary, based on the needs of each customer.