Thursday, 18 February 2021 Case Studies

Geo40 Northern Plant

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Custom Solutions for Ground-breaking Venture

Who: Geo40

Where: Ohaaki Geothermal Fields Taupo

Products: 5x Industrial 30000L Tanks with Welded Spigots

What: Taupo company Geo40 has developed technology for the removal of silica from geothermal fluids that have already been used for power generation. Their proprietary technology to sustainably harvest minerals has been heralded as both world-leading and ground-breaking.  In 2019 Geo40 was awarded funds from the Provincial Growth Fund to facilitate the construction of the Ohaaki Northern Plant, a world-first commercial scale plant to extract valuable minerals from geothermal fluids. Geo40 worked closely with Ngati Tahu Tribal Lands Trust and Contact Energy on this cutting-edge venture.  

The team at Promax was excited to be involved with this trailblazing project, supplying the Industrial Liquid storage tanks used in this process. Promax supplied 5x 30000L Industrial Tanks with customised Welded Spigots for a variety of processes from flushing, backwash and hot water storage, required at the plant. Our engineers worked with Geo40 to offer modifications and customised requirements from the design process right through to installation. The heavy duty Promax Industrial Tanks were manufactured with increased wall thickness and strength to meet the specific project applications.  

Geo40 has reportedly seen International interest in their technology and product from some of the worlds wealthiest philanthropists, such as Bill Gates. Promax believes Geo40 are certainly worth paying close attention to as they continue to develop their technology. 

Take a tour of the Ohaaki Northern Plant below.