Tuesday, 8 June 2021 Case Studies

DB Waterman

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Water, water everywhere but not enough to drink

Who: DB Waterman

Where: Doubtless Bay, Far North

Products: 8,000L Promax Xpress Water Tank and Taska toolbox

Why: The region around Doubtless Bay in the Far North is renowned for its beaches, inlets, creeks and secret fishing spots. There’s so much water around you would think there would be plenty to go around. Alas this is often not the case and water shortages are a common occurrence in the area.  

In Doubtless Bay, and its surrounding areas, a vast number of homeowners, life stylers, and accommodation owners rely heavily on natures supply of water to keep them hydrated and their pipes flowing. But as we all know this is becoming a rarefied commodity and drought conditions are becoming more and more prevalent. When mother nature does not provide solutions then companies such as Promax and DB Waterman will.    

What:  DB Waterman was looking to supply their community with another secure source of water for times of drought. To do this they required a complete and compliant Water Delivery Unit so they reached out to Promax to see what we could do – and it’s fair to say we delivered.  

Our solution for DB Waterman’s potable water delivery is the Promax 8,000L Water Delivery Unit. This unit includes a Honda pump, a Camlock pump in/outlet for bulk water transfer and hydrant filling, a water level sight glass, galvanised steel skid frame with lifting eyes, and a Taska toolbox for hose storage.   

Crucially, the unit is fully compliant to AS/NZS:4020 for transporting potable water. This means the fresh, clean water that goes into a Promax Water Delivery Unit comes out of it just as fresh and clean.   

This is great news for DB Waterman, and their happy customers who can rest assured that DB Waterman will provide the wet stuff when nature does not. 


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