Thursday, 18 February 2021 Case Studies

Cordis Hotel

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Superior Water Storage For A High-End Hotel

Who: Plumbing & Design and Cordis Hotel

Where: Cordis Hotel, Auckland

Products: 3x 25000 litres Industrial Tanks and Seismic Restraints

Why: The Cordis is one of Auckland’s premier hotels where everything has to be just right. Unfortunately, three aging water tanks on top of the building were anything but right. These concrete tanks were at risk of failure due to age and cracking, and an urgent and long-term solution was required. Cordis called on Plumbing & Design for that solution, and Plumbing & Design called on us. Here’s what Promax did to give the Cordis a long-lasting water storage upgrade. 

What: Plumbing & Design called on Promax to provide a compliant solution for the replacement of three old water tanks on top of the Cordis Hotel. We suggested the installation of three 25, 000 litre industrial tanks with seismic restraints. These tanks are strong, long-lasting and designed to provide superior water storage for many years – just what the Cordis ordered! Promax provided these tanks with PE flanges welded for interconnections and custom seismic bracing to meet the tight and specific site requirements. An onsite tower crane lifted the tanks to the site where they’re now securely in place. Plumbing & Design is very happy with the solution we delivered, as is the Cordis. They now boast water storage in fitting with their high-end establishment.