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Buyers Checklist

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A step-by-step guide to buying the best water storage solution. 

If you ask the right questions, you will buy the right tank. It seems like a rather obvious statement, but purchasing a water storage tank should be based on having all the information you need at your fingertips; asking the questions on a Buyers Checklist will go a long way to providing that information.

If you're in the market for a new tank, the following questions should be on your list: 


1.   What size tank do I need? 

Determining the optimum capacity for your situation and location is essential. 


2.   Is it OK to buy a cheap tank? 

Cheap tanks might look appealing at purchase but can cost you in the long term.    


3.   Are all poly tanks the same? 

There can be a vast difference in quality due to design, raw materials and engineering. 


4.   Is a poly tank better than a concrete tank? 

Both materials have advantages, so compare benefits and see which material comes out on top.  


5.   How much will it cost to deliver my tank? 

This can add a lot to the original purchase price, according to factors such as weight, size, and location.  


6.   How long will it take to deliver my tank? 

Lead times can blow out significantly when manufacturers struggle to meet demand, so ask if a delivery date can be locked in.    


7.   Is installation going to be expensive and complicated? 

Depending on weight, size, and material, some tanks are easier to install than others. 


8.   Are poly tanks safe? 

You want the safest drinking water for your family, and poly tanks are excellent storage options.  


9.   How long is the warranty? 

A well-designed and engineered tank will have an excellent warranty, which is a  good guide to overall quality. 


10.   What accessories and fittings are included? 

Make sure you know exactly what you're getting for your money.    


Now you have the questions, seek the answers! A reputable tank manufacturer will happily answer these questions in depth. Use their responses as a guide to making a well-informed decision, and don't be afraid to seek clarification if you're still unsure. You must invest in a tank that is ideally suited to your requirements, and your purchasing decision should start with a few simple questions, and some very educated and enlightening answers.    


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