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Arrowtown Retirement Village

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More Water Tanks Means No More Water Worries

Who: Arrowtown Retirement Village and WaterForce Cromwell

Where: Arrowtown, Central Otago

Products: 6x Industrial 30,000 litre tanks with welded flange connections. Welded connections in each tank connect to a manifold supplying a firefighting pump. 

Why: Installation of new bores have added a good deal of capacity to Arrowtown’s water supply and although the Arrowtown Village Association has said “water restrictions are a thing of the past” that comes with one big proviso – “as long as we continue to use water wisely.” At Arrowtown Retirement Village, they’ve taken no chances with water collection and storage. While improvements have been made to the local water supply, they also wanted to boost their own, and for two key reasons: primarily for firefighting reserve water and as a secondary purpose, buffer water storage for the village.  

What: To give them the water they need to meet these purposes, Arrowtown Retirement Village engaged the services of WaterForce Cromwell who designed a comprehensive solution based on the use of Promax tanks. To meet high flow demand, WaterForce arranged for the delivery of six 30,000 litre industrial tanks with welded flange connections. The welded connections in each tank connect to a manifold supplying a firefighting pump. As these industrial tanks are corrugated for extra strength, they were able to be partially buried to get the pipe work underground for frost protection – this is quite a common practice in the South Island. The beige coloured tanks also blend in nicely with the surroundings.  

Thanks to WaterForce and Promax, the residents and staff of Arrowtown Retirement Village have plenty of water in hand because when it comes to this precious resource, it is always better to be safe than sorry.  


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