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Providing consultation, architectural and implementation support to your wired and wireless environments. Let us handle the setting up and management of your bussiness or home networks. We can configure and setup remote access points and secure external connections for employees and customers using standard and proven technologies.

Our networking expertise includes:

  • Network cabling, patch panels, drops
  • Router Setup Network Switching
  • Wireless Access Points
  • VPN Setup

Computer Network Troubleshooting

Network Frustation-Busters

A home network is a great way for civilians to share files and resources among multiple computers, but network annoyances can creep up in places you’d never expect. Fortunately, Promx have developed tips to help overcome some common issues. Remember you can call Promax Computers for help at any time. 

Problem: I cannot access my network or the Internet from any computer on the network.

Solution: Power down all computers on the network. Unplug both the cable modem and router. Wait a few minutes. Plug in the cable modem. Wait until the lights on the cable modem stop blinking. This could take up to a minute. When the cable modem lights are steady, plug the router back in. Again, wait until the lights stop blinking. Then power on any computer on the network. This is known as power cycling your modem and this can often restore connectivity.

Problem: I cannot access the network from one computer, but all other computers are working.

Solution: Shut down and restart the computer. If the computer is a laptop try moving it closer to the access point. If this solves the problem, you are having signal interference. It can be caused by many things, including leaded glass, metal-reinforced concrete walls or floors or simply too much distance between your computer and the access point. For wired network ensure your network adapter says connected and network cable is plugged in with link light.

Problem: I want to boost my wireless signal to a weak area of the house.

Solution: Buy a wireless repeater, which allow you to extend the wireless networking signal much farther from the original base station. These generally cost less than $100. Alternatively move the access point to a more central location if possible. There are other options available call us for more info.

Problem: I have a 2.4 GHz wireless telephone; will it interfere with my wireless system?

Solution: Yes. Any 2.4 GHz wireless phone can interfere with your wireless network. Normally symptoms will be sudden loss of wireless connectivity or drastically reduced speeds when the phone is in use.

If this occurs, you can try changing the channel on your phone. Hang up the phone and pick it up again. This will usually force the phone to use a different channel. Some phones have a channel button near the keypad that allows you to select the channel used by the phone.